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How the “Warm Hand-Off” Helps People Get into Opiate Addiction Treatment

The “warm hand-off” is a program used in Pennsylvania emergency departments. It has been designed to help overdose survivors gain access to the important follow-up care they need. When patients are stable, this program hands them over directly from emergency to a drug treatment program, like opiate substance abuse treatment. Why Is the Warm Hand-Off …

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Walgreens Drug Take-Back Program and Rehab Centers in Arkansas Combat State Opioid Epidemic

Arkansas and other U.S. states are currently fighting an opioid epidemic causing thousands of overdose deaths nationwide. To help the state combat its opioid epidemic, Walgreens has placed drug take-back receptacles in seven of its locations throughout Arkansas. Rehab centers in Arkansas are also addressing the state’s opioid crisis by helping addicts overcome opioid dependence …

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